PCDJTools is a stand alone program to “catalog” and manage the PCDJ FX & RED/BLUE-VRM Recordcase (www.pcdj.com). PCDJTools uses the xml-files that are build by PCDJ FX & RED-VRM. PCDJTools creates a database catalog.mdb, based on those xml-files.

With PCDJTools you can:

  • search easily, using filters
  • print any list, log, group, subgroups, even combined, you define what to print
  • export any list to an Excel-CSV-file
  • export Waitlists to a mdb or m3u-file
  • export any list to 1 or several m3u-file(s) using a batch procedure.
  • rename songs based upon a user-defined pattern
  • delete songs
  • move songs to other groups or subgroups by dragging
  • find duplicates, list all duplicates in any (sub)group(s)
  • listen to the songs, fast forward and fast backward in the song, fast next and previous song
  • make new waitlists, change existing waitlists, export and import waitlists
  • Add songs to waitlists with comment & time
  • Split screen in List & selected waitList
  • change comment in the waitlists.
  • Save changes immediately to the PCDJ-Recordcase (no need to refresh PCDJ)
  • Send a "protected" catalog with some or all songs to a customer, with PCDJTools LT he can make a waitlist, he sends this waitlist to you, and you can import his waitlists. Send the "Copy tool for PCDJTools LT" together with catalogLT.mdb to your customer.
  • Switch to another PCDJ Recordcase if you have more PCDJ progams

System Requirements:

  • PCDJ FX 7 or PCDJ RED/BLUE-VRM installed. www.pcdj.com
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 - 32 bit

Download PCDJTools

PCDJTools Manual

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